The First Installment >> 1980's Subway

In the summer of 2014, NYP took over the subway! Well, technically it was one half of a car on the G train. It was our mission to transport both attendees and passerby to the gritty filled subway cars of the 1980’s. We rode the length of the line (25 minutes) and treated audience members to a ball a la Paris is Burning which eventually led to a dance party. The event was a huge success with 200 online RSVP’s. By far the best part of the night was learning that Curtis Sliwa (founder of the Guardian Angels) had read our write-up in the Daily News and sent two real Guardian Angels to protect us. They were a delight to have on board and kept us out of harm’s way. 

My goal was to evoke the danger and beauty of a decade where New York was known for fighting back. To be a New Yorker in the 80’s, you had to be resilient and tough as nails. But from those bleak years, incredible art was cultivated and thrived. Not necessarily a time anyone is nostalgic for, but a time to reflect upon to see how light shines brightest in the dark.